Tips to Build Relationships in Organizations

Take a moment and think about a leader in your organization whom you would consider best in maximizing relationships. How do you describe such a leader? Some descriptions that may immediately come to mind are trustworthy, empathy, concerned for others, understanding, building employee commitment and engagement and motivating.

Leaders and their subordinates or employees need to build a trusting and positive relationship so that they are able to achieve the objectives of the organization effortlessly. It is always best to build relationship before conflict occurs as this enables you to solve problems in an effective manner.

Activities that can help build relationships with others

Survival scenarios – Give the team a survival scenario (like a plane crash or getting lost in the desert) where they have to communicate and help each other to survive. This activity will test the ability of each individual to communicate with the group so that they are able to survive.

Mine field – This is an ideal activity if you have a large room. You can set up a mine field using objects found in the office (chairs, boxes, files or any other objects) that can cause an obstacle. Divide the team into pairs. It is a perfect opportunity to team individuals having issues with each other so that they are able to work with each other as partners and overcome the obstacles.

Improving communication with drawing activity – In this exercise you can divide the team into a group of two and make them sit with their back to each other. You can give one member a paper and pencil and the other member a picture. The person with the picture can give instructions to the person with the paper and pen. After they have completed the exercise, it can be used to interpret the ability to communicate and understand in an effective manner.

Depending on the team size and industry, you can choose from hundreds of activities that help strengthen and maximize relationships. You do not have to spend a lot of time and energy to plan events that can bond the team. All that you need to do is to create opportunities that enable everyone to interact. Ensure that any activity that you plan is not competitive as you do not want them to work against each other but with each other.

Activities that help build relationships with others can be a powerful way to develop strengths and address weaknesses. It can be used to unite a group and improve the problem solving abilities of the team. You need to remember that these activities need to be an ongoing process instead of a couple of such events each year.

It is important that the activities are planned with a proper goal in mind; otherwise they may be a waste of time and effort. If they are planned and carried out in a strategic manner they can become part of the corporate culture. When individuals and teams start collaborating with each other it can help in maximizing relationships easily.